For every administrator, there is a lesson to be learnt from Gujarat s drought. Specially since this dry spell has been brought about more due to water mismanagement than an erratic monsoon

A movement to recharge the depleted groundwater aquifers in a parched district of Madhya Pradesh gathers momentum

About three million hectares of irrigated land has been adversely affected by waterlogging

Mismanaging water can create a crisis and lead to panic. This is exactly what led to a water riot near Jamnagar in Gujarat

Villages which have harvested rainwater are faring quite well in the face of drought

The people of this small village of Bhil tribals in Dahod district had been facing a serious water crisis. About 78 per cent of them used to migrate for at least 10 months. There were no wells in the

About 20 km away from the district headquarters of Rajkot, this village shows how environmental management can bring about a socio-economic turnaround. According to Narayanbhai Limbasia, a

The credit for the socio-economic turnaround of Raj-Samadhiyala village in Rajkot district of Gujarat goes to Hardevsinh Balwantsinh Jadeja, the 48-year-old head ( sarpanch ) of the village council.

This village in Mandvi taluka of Gujarat's Kachchh district has embarked on rainwater harvesting and wm quite recently. For the past 10-12 years, the residents have been facing a drinking water

In the past six years, the 3,500-odd residents of this village in Rajkot district, which falls in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat, have come a long way. After a prolonged water crisis, the village