The residents of Nepal's Kathmandu valley are facing an acute water crisis. Water piped by the state-owned utility is already in short supply, prompting many households to either bore wells or buy

Klang Valley

The irrigation department of Thailand will drastically reduce the rate

If a country is using 20-40 per cent of available freshwater, it is said to be suffering from 'water stress" according to the estimates of the United Nations Environment Programme. About

THE residents of Melbourne have been urged to use water sparingly. Restrictions were imposed due to depletion of local water supplies. Geelong residents, who have been enduring similar

Increased pollution levels are the reason behind China facing a terrible water shortage. According to a Chinese scientist, if the trend continues, it could become a full blown crisis by mid-21st

An under developed district becomes one of the leading polluted areas in India

as the mercury has soared to 47

fresh water supply is gradually becoming a matter of serious concern, says a report of the United Nations ( un ).

Supply of potable water has been affected by contamination of water sources in most developing countries. Rivers, lakes and groundwater have been polluted by industrial effluents, pesticides and