Due to the water scarcity,

Successful cooperatives compel Maharashtra government to hand over control of irrigation facilities to farmers

1 1 = 11 People have responded overwhelmingly with money and voluntary labour to a government call to renovate water harvesting structures. The state government has used drought as an opportunity to take long term steps to secure water. This is fast b

The EK Panch Ek Talaab movement has ushered in a new era for the people of Madhya Pradesh s Shahdol and Mandsaur districts

Rain in a concrete jungle
Short of water, Singapore harvests the rain that falls on most of its land despite industrialisation. The city has found scientific solutions to an important problem in catching urban runoff pollution

Rainwater is abundant in India. So is its mismanagement. This has led to a human made water scarcity. The only way to solve modern India s water crisis is to capture this bounty through traditional community based and urban water harvesting. A look into t

The death of traditional water harvesting structures prepare Kalahandi for its worst ever drought

Simple, yet effective, rainwater harvesting structures provided succour in the face of drought

A village that has kept its date with history

What led to the decline of tanks