This report warns that if greenhouse gas emissions continue to grow under the business-as-usual scenario as projected, leading to global temperature rise by 4-5

China has sacked five officials for "dereliction of supervision' and "inadequate work' after green algae covered the country's third largest lake, the Taihu, triggering a drinking water crisis for

Water scarcity affects all social and economic sectors and threatens the sustainability of the natural resource base. In addressing the issue of water scarcity, an inter-sectoral and multidisciplinary approach needs to be taken to maximize the economic and social welfare benefits of new policies. It is also essential to take into account development, supply, use and demand, and to place the emphasis on people, their livelihood and the ecosystems that support them.

TWO years after the Asian tsunami, as the images of devastation fade off from global public memory, the disaster persists for villages along the coastline of Sri Lanka's Southern Province. Survivors

2001: THE old man shuffled his feet, acutely embarrassed. No matter which part of India you're in, the first thing you do is offer your guests a glass of water. And this was one part of Nallamada in Andhra Pradesh blessed with that element. Things had changed, though. "Please don't drink it," he said, finally. "See how it is?" he asked, showing us a tumbler.

In the Kerala High Court, a village panchayat loses its battle for water with Coca-Cola.

Tamil Nadu reels under a third successive year of drought, and the rural economy is fast drying up as a sixth straight crop failure stares farmers in the face.

15-year-old Raja lives in a slum in Koramangala locality of Bangalore city. He cycles 2 km every night to get two pots of water for his family from a public handpump. Today the city he lives in

The karez system could solve the country's water problems

KALAHANDI . Directed by Goutam Ghosh . Produced by Soudamini Mishra . 45 minutes Pangs of persisting poverty and hunger. Agony of drought-stricken people. Silent