The government and people of Madhya Pradesh have joined hands in their fight against drought through various jan sahyog programmes

Pakistan has become a

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The book looks at the value of water as a basic need instead of valuing water in terms of productivity in agriculture and industry, or in terms of the costs of supply. It examines water in the

india has sought help from Sweden to solve some of its environmental problems such as depleting natural resources. This was stated by Union minister for water resources, Arjun Charan Sethi while

farmers of Andhra Pradesh have been directed not to cultivate a second crop of rice during the winter season because of low levels of water at the Srisailam and Nagarjunasagar reservoirs of the

Unless governments force paper companies to invest in cleaner technologies, encourage the manufacture of recycled paper and allow plantations only on lands that are

At least 21 million citizens of Nairobi are facing acute water shortage. Citizens allege that mismanagement, corruption and lack of preparedness on the part the government officials have led to the

Probably the first chief minister of Delhi to have taken a keen interest in the environment, Shiela Dixit has got a mixed response for her efforts. While a large number of people have come forward to pa

Water is being rationed in Sao Paulo