Delhi recently faced a water crisis as drinking water supply was cut due to high levels of ammonia in the Yamuna

the United Arab Emirates is facing drinking water crisis due to oil spills in the world busiest shipping lane. Authorities are now drafting a new law to tackle environmental pollution. Oil

The true Bharat Ratnas will be those individuals who will get India s millions clean water, clean air and adequate food

Women in Gujarat spend inordinate time procuring their daily requirement of water

Scientific implementation of developmental programmes is needed for the optimal utilisation of water resources yet another example of monstrous short sightedness on the part of governments bent on addressing their needs without a thought for the environment

A pipeline burst in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, subjected the city s residents to a major water crisis and exposed the unpreparedness of the authorities

THE IRAQI government's campaign to drain the Howeiza Marsh in the south to flush out Shiite rebels has prompted an exodus: Every day for the past three months, about 25 refugees have fled across the

THE POPULATION explosion has caused Pakistan's per capita surface water resource to decline from 5,000 cubic metres in 1947 to 1,400 cubic metres today. This is expected to drop further to 800 cubic

Unless better management strategies are evolved, water scarcity in the country will only be accentuated by growing industrial and municipal demands.