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This film produced by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) explores increase in flood affected areas in India and analyses the Himalayan floods. It presents an agenda for change and shows how the country can combat the growing problems of floods.

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Floods - Sri Lanka

The principal reason for floods in the country lies in the very nature of her natural ecological systems- the monsoon. Sedimentation of river beds is not considered a major factor contributing t o flooding in Sri Lanka . However, due to land use changes in the watersheds, sediment loads could increase in the future.

Glacial lake outburst flood

The acronym GLOF is used for glacier floods caused by the drainage of naturally dammed lakes in the glacier, on or at the margin of glaciers. Glacial lakes form when a glacier retreats, leaving the debris mass at the end of the glacier – the end moraine – exposed.

Andhra Pradesh is reeling under a severe power crisis, with generation at several power stations badly hit due to the recent floods and poor maintenance. This has led to four to nine hours of power cuts in rural areas and at least one-hour power cuts in cities like Hyderabad, besides unscheduled outages.

NO SUITS, TIES, IN SUMMER: In a bid to save electricity, Bangladesh prime minister Sheikh Hasina has asked all male colleagues and male government employees to wear suits, jackets and ties only in winter. During the hot months, between March and November, they have been asked to wear trousers and shirts which need not be tucked in. Doing so, said Hasina, would minimize the use of

Public awareness about the "catastrophe" of climate change is not high enough to pressure politicians into taking action, former Vice President Al Gore said on Tuesday.

Gore, who shared a Nobel Prize in 2007 for his environmental campaigning, said politicians will only do more once the people who elect them force the issue.