This report is a compilation of research and analyses from some of the leading scholars and experts on the Indian forest sector. Their analyses take a critical look at the trends that have shaped the developments in India's forest sector over the past two decades.

We condemn the attack by the Maoists on 21 April near Kerlapal village in Sukma district (in Chhattisgarh) in which they killed two security guards and abducted the Sukma district collector, Alex Paul Menon. At the time of this attack, Menon, accompanied by security guards, was in the process of conducting Gram Swaraj Abhiyaan across the district. (Letters)

ECONOMIC historians writing on India have usually focussed on two crucial sectors -- agriculture and industry -- and left out of their purview forestry, which provides crucial inputs to both these

CHIPKO was the culmination of a century of popular resistance to commercial forestry in the Uttarakhand Himalaya. And its timing was right. Unlike past movements, Chipko's underlying message was

Wildlife conservationists and social ecologists are sharply divided despite common goals