Shimla: Fragrance of flowers produced in the hill state is spreading across the northern region as more and more farmers have been diversifying to floriculture from traditional crops.

Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) is one of the most important commercial commodity of Indian Agriculture. Jammu & Kashmir State enjoys a virtual monopoly in the cultivation of saffron in the sub-continent. At present, the industry gives an exchequer of Rs 236.55 crores as against the potential of Rs 4642.5 crores. Economic product of the saffron flower is the pistil with a trifid stigma. It is a unique plant whose active period and effective growth occurs in fall and winter.

Around this time of the year, bright yellow flowers carpet the fields in scores of villages in Bihar's Vaishali district. They are not mustard crops waiting to burst into full bloom but cauliflower seeds that have ushered in a revolution of sorts

It pays to go Dutch. Ask Rasila Kothari, 52, who took to commercial cultivation of Dutch roses in Chandwe village, near Ranchi in Jharkhand.

Floriculture exports from India are expected to see a 20 per cent decline this year

Tourists might complain of poor sighting of wildlife inside Manas National Park, but now an ambitious endeavour is bringing to life new facets of the park, which are far easily discernible.

The State government deserves appreciation for the initiation to formulate an Agriculture Policy for Assam. The declaration of the pragmatic process has come at a time when the State


A rare species of India

Tirupati, June 26: Climate change has had its effect on the flower production in Tirumala as well.

Since 2000, the climactic conditions on the Tirumala hills have been changing and this has affected the output of flowers by the garden department.