HOMING IN WITH FLOWERS: Cashing in on the flower boom in the country, the Haryana-based Karishma Floriculture Ltd (KFL) has decided to manufacture indigenous greenhouses for floriculturists.

Flowers may wither, but not their importance in the cultures of most countries

Holland's thriving tulip flower industry is under pressure to clean up its act and save the environment from degradation caused by excessive use of pesticides and fertilisers

Tissue culture can change the face of agriculture, asserts Ajit Thomas, who heads a firm that has gone in a big way for biotechnology in the cultivation of plants and flowers.

ARE flowers no longer pure symbols of beauty or spirituality? The facts revealed in the book, though preliminary, present a sad story of the flower export industry in the Third World

WOODY GOODY: It may not be real wood, but the success of the medium density fibre board (MDF) - manufactured under the brand name of NUWUD by Nuchem Limited in Tohana, Haryana--- means it has

Dutch export of flowers has fallen in the face of increasing competition from other countries and a drop in the quality of plants at home.

India hopes to earn Rs 200 crore every year exporting flowers mass produced in laboratories