Revising the standard of honey, compulsory testing of argemone oils, Vanaspati and Bakeri Shortening. (GSR No.895 (E) dated 11/12/2001).

Environmental degradation would undermine China s food security in the coming 30 years

the Delhi government's Prevention of Food Adulteration (pfa) Department has recently seized 20 samples of substandard milk. The 20 samples were a part of 63 samples taken from milk tankers

The Delhi High Court has issued notice to the director of the Central Bureau of Investigation asking him to place before it the probe report on the adulteration of mustard oil which resulted in

L N MODI, the managing trustee of the Bharatiya Cattle Research Foundation, Delhi, said that adulteration of milk is on the rise. Speaking at a press confer- ence in Delhi, he informed that in

An adulterated cooking medium sparks off panic in India, but the government remains clueless on how to deal with the crisis

It was a strong anti adulteration law aimed at the standardising of food stuffs. Stronger industrial lobbies and vested interests helped it die a quiet death

TAKING a cue from the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) controversy, the government has decided to make changes in the level of monosodium glutamate permitted in food. The KFC's Delhi outlet

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Adulterated food items continue selling in the Dhaka city in the absence of proper monitoring by the agencies concerned, posing serious threat to public health.
A large number of food shops, sweetmeat houses, restaurants and producers of such foods are selling adulterated items under the very nose of lawmen, said Dhaka City Corporation officials concerned.