NEW DELHI: To keep a check on food adulteration and to maintain international food standards for the products being manufactured in the state, the Union Ministry of Food Processing Industries in association with the state government, has decided to set up a fully-automated world class food quality monitoring laboratory in Pathanamthitta district.

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Standing Committee on Agriculture, present this Forty Sixth Report on

To ensure supply of good quality foodgrains for mid-day meal scheme under the Public Distribution System (PDS), the government has issued fair average quality foodgrains conforming to the Food Adulteration Act (PFA) standards, the Rajya Sabha was informed on Friday.

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The Ministry of Food Processing Industries, GOI, has declared 2008-09 as Food safety and Quality Year. Food safety implies absence or safe levels of various of kinds of contaminants. Sources of food contamination include harmful chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, preservatives, colouring agents, additives, adulterants etc.

Adulterated milk is one of the main topics of discussion. Studies all over the city have revealed that the adulteration levels vary from 5% to 25%.

A student who fell ill at the school undergoes treatment at a Ranchi hospital. Picture by Prashant Mitra

Ranchi, Nov. 13: At least five boys have died after consuming milk and snacks in a government-run residential school in Jharkhand, the tragedy unfolding on the eve of children

Consumers will soon be able to figure out if a pack of biscuits, chips or juice is high in nutrients and low in fats. Labels of packaged foods must now compulsorily list nutritional facts per 100 gm or 100 ml or per serving.

Colombo Additional Magistrate, Manjula Thilakarathne has ordered Edna Chocolates (Ceylon) Ltd. to stop production, sales, and export of Edna chocolates due to the usage of milk powder contaminated with melamine.