The government has decided to ban procurement, sale and stocking of powdered milk of three Chinese brands

A mobile court realised Tk 95,000 in fines from four factories during an anti-adulteration drive in Tangail town on Thursday for making food items in unhygienic environment.
The mobile court also seized a huge quantity of date-expired and sub-standard vermicelli and flour.

These rules may be called the Prevention of Food Adulteration (5th
Amendment) Rules, 2008. They shall come into force on the expiry of a period of six months from the date of their publication in the Official Gazette.

The city government has decided to revamp the existing system of checking the sale and supply of food items, eatables and drinks at hotels, restaurants, shops and other food outlets across the city by bringing changes in the food laws.

At a meeting of the city government

Environment activists demanded on Friday that the government should set up an independent regulatory commission and highly equipped laboratories at national, divisional and district level to control food adulteration.
They also demanded a complaint centre so that the victims of food adulteration can lodge their complaints.
The demands were made at a discussion meeting on

Police seized 60 maunds of adulterated ghee and vegetable oils from a factory near Chittagong University (CU) in the early hours of yesterday.

They also arrested five people in this connection.

The arrestees were identified as Akash, Sagar and Vishnu of Tangail, Shahid of Mymensingh and Rahim of Bhola.

Sources said Hathazari police unearthed the factory housed in a thatched structure at CU Gate No 1 beside Chittagong-Hathazari Road.

In a drive that started at around 2:30am, they seized 13 drums of adulterated ghee and vegetable oils and 7 drums of palm oils from the factory.

Sale of adulterated, stale and substandard foods is rampant in the port city for the last few months in absence of anti-adulteration drive.

Owners of a large number of hotels, restaurants and fast food shops in the city have been selling adulterated foods without any problem to the consumers since December last year after the much-talked-about anti-adulteration drive came to a sudden halt following the transfer of Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) Magistrate Mohammad Munir Chowdhury to Bogra.

This followed reports of large-scale sale of adulterated milk

"Urea, tissue paper, animal fat, sodium bicarbonate, soap powder and starch mixed with milk'

UNDER SCANNER: The seized milk sachets in Thanjavur on Tuesday.

CHENNAI: Officials of the Directorate of Public Health and Preventive Medicine on Tuesday conducted State-wide raids on branded and unbranded milk following reports of large-scale sale of adulterated milk by unlicensed vendors in Tamil Nadu.

Adulterated food items seized by a mobile court were burnt to ashes on the premises of District Collectorate Building (DCB) here on Thursday. A mobile court led by Executive Magistrate Abu Rafa Md Arif conducted a raid at Jewel Biscuit Agency at Gown Market in the town on Wednesday and then sealed off the warehouse on charge of storing adulterated food items.

On the following day, the mobile court led by Executive Magistrate AKM Galiv Khan recovered the adulterated food items worth about Taka one lakh from the warehouse on Thursday and destroyed those through setting on fire.

Upgradation of moral values, raising mass awareness, and formulation of proper laws and their strict implementation are the imperatives to check food adulteration in the country, said the speakers at a seminar yesterday. They urged the government to take punitive actions against those involved in the production and sale of adulterated food and run the anti-adulteration drive frequently to save the nation from ruin.