Sri Lanka delays imposing a ban on GM foodstuffs

For the first time, genetically-modified grain has been grown commercially in South Africa and will be sold in the market mixed with other grains, a leading seed-seller said.

US food scientists have found a way to make biodegradable packaging material from a protein extracted from corn. Researchers at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, turned

Recently, six Thai elephants gave a big trunks-up to the first packaged food substituted for the rapidly disappearing plants they are used to eat, said a zoo official in Bangkok. "The elephants

Marinating chicken before grilling can cut down the carcinogens in the meat, according to results presented at the American Chemical Society meeting in San Francisco. Researchers have

European consumers may soon see the first commercial application of Conserver 21, a product which promises to add weeks to the shelf life of fruits, vegetables, flowers and meat. It

The American government"s announcement that genetically engineered food will not be tested or labelled has caused much concern among the people.

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