In the 14 years since the first genetically modified crops were planted commercially, their descendants, relatives and remixes have gone forth and multiplied like profitable, high-tech pondweed. A new report (see article) shows that 25 countries now grow GM crops, with the total area under cultivation now larger than Peru.

The vice-chancellor of Delhi University, Deepak Pental, today supported the Union government

Bangladesh will grow genetically modified (GM) rice variety known as golden rice by 2012.

The rice variety, rich in vitamin 'A', will help meet the deficiency of the particular vitamin, lack of which causes childhood blindness and weaken immune system.

The Manila-based International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in an article posted on its web site on Tuesday said the golden rice would grow

The idea for the Golden Rice project arose during an international conference in the Philippines in 1984. (Enserink 2008.) In 1999, an initial success was presented to the

Rice feeds more than half of the world