“As Assam is one of the top 10 rice producing States of the country, in 2016 we produced 52 lakh metric ton of rice and this year our expectation is to have paddy harvest of around 75 lakh metric t

Acting on advice of an expert committee, the Centre will ban use of 18 pesticides in India as it involves risk to humans and animals.

`Non-GM Seeds Helped Raise Production 5-Fold In 60 Yrs'

Draft guidelines coming soon for comments from stakeholders

Resilient To Several Pests & Insects, They Also Have Enhanced Nutritional Quality

A forest department report has revealed that Mangar is home to almost 6 lakh trees, making it a strong contender for the 'natural conservation zone' tag.

Although most people believe that organic farming involves no use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers.

On a fenced plot not far from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's home, a field of mustard is in full yellow bloom, representing his government's reversal of an effective ban on field trials of g

‘Goond Katia’ (Tragacanth-Katira Gum), conventionally used as a food item, can help save water while farming, as it has been proven as a herbal hydrogel after a five-year research by Dr Virender Si

Experts from the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) while interacting with farmers at Agro Tech 2014 stated that the use of new-age methods such as organic farming and solar energy in farm oper