The Indo-US cooperation in the agriculture sector is all set for a big push with the US likely to unveil a huge financial package to help India fight hunger and achieve its food security target.

"We will be announcing five pillars of our cooperation with India on Monday.

An attempt was made to investigate the influence of different doses of nitrogen on growth and yield of pearlmillet under irrigated and non-irrigated in semi-arid region of Delhi with an aim to determine the optimum levels of N under two different moisture situations (irrigated and non-irrigated).

Location of a gene active against rust diseases pinpointed COME winter and wheat plants might exhibit symptoms every farmer dreads. The leaves and stems show small orange to brown flecks that soon enlarge and spread. The infected parts mature and go from brown to black. Gradually the plant withers and dies. Farmers throughout the world know it as the rust disease. There are three kinds: leaf

Accounting for the existing and potential impact of the changing climate in decision making is rapidly becoming urgent for households and development agencies in vulnerable locations. Such an informed decision making, though desirable, requires in-depth awareness of the issue as well as availability of relevant information.

It does kill the nasty bollworm. What about friendly microbes? transgenic crops come with a range of biosafety concerns, which are contested because the discussion of such crops is highly polarized. Researchers of the Indian Agriculture Research Institute (iari), in a recent study, said Bt-cotton may affect soil microbes and nutrients available to the plants.

A study from northern China showed Bt cotton reduced pest populations in cotton and also other non-Bt crops growing nearby. Published in Science (Vol 321, No 5896), the study reported a dramatic reduction in cotton bollworms after the introduction of Bt cotton. The researchers said Bt benefitted farmers by reducing the need for insecticide sprays.

T.V. Sivanandan

GULBARGA: Scientists at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) and the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) are preparing to meet the serious threat to wheat cultivation in the country from the

Knowledge of spatial variation of soil properties is important

Certain reports have raised doubts over biotech crops, but they are as safe as conventional ones and the success of Bt cotton can be replicated in other crops.

The government is likely to notify Pusa 1121 rice variety, which is the world's longest grain, as basmati, as a ban on shipment of non-basmati rice prevents its sale abroad. "The agriculture ministry is likely to send a proposal either this week or next week to the cabinet for approving the 1121 variety as Basmati rice," an industry source said. There are six traditional varieties