This paper describes the institutional and resource challenges and opportunities in getting different sectors in eThekwini Municipality (the local government responsible for planning and managing the city of Durban) to recognize and respond to their role in climate change adaptation.

This article scopes the status and potential of non-timber forest products (NTFPs) in community forests and the national forest of Bardiya district in western Nepal. The human ecological approach, participatory rural appraisal, focus group discussions and interviews were used to gather data and information for analysis.

In days of yore, the Mararikulam brinjal was much favoured by the royal families of Travancore and Amabalapuzha in Kerala. Slender, long and green, this variety has been grown in Mararikulam on the Kerala coast for centuries. The village would supply its choicest brinjals to royalty.

Parliamentarians in Jamaica, like in most places, are used to drama. But an enactment recently left many in tears. The Sistren Theatre Collective from Kingston staged a play, A Slice of Reality on the Ground, to make a strong case for the legalization of abortion, while Jamaica

Karl Marx looks set to meet Broadway and Las Vegas. Das Kapital is being adapted into a musical in Shanghai to show

For a Cold War after-dinner television drama, Twelve Angry Men has travelled unusually far. Set in a hot, stuffy New York courthouse, the play focuses on a jury deliberating the fate of an 18-year-old accused of patricide. The script was made into the now-classic film starring Henry Fonda. The parable for America

Accounting for the existing and potential impact of the changing climate in decision making is rapidly becoming urgent for households and development agencies in vulnerable locations. Such an informed decision making, though desirable, requires in-depth awareness of the issue as well as availability of relevant information.

The cultish power of big corporations has found expression in films, even angry documentaries. It's theatre now. But Walmartopia, a musical satire travelling to towns in the us, is meant for an

A play on Iraq war by a few school children recently triggered a row in the us.