New DelhiThrough adoption of technique such as System of Rice Intensification (SRI), the country

KOLKATA, 14 FEB: In the wake of climate change and skewed rainfall patterns, the Union ministry of agriculture has initiated a project to develop technologies for enhancing resilience of Indian crops, livestock and fisheries.

However, West Bengal, facing droughts last year, is less likely to be included in the project.

IARI's new basmati varieties are better than Pakistani ones - this will fetch higher prices and a greater market share
Surinder Sud / New Delhi May 18, 2010, 0:31 IST

Gurgaon: Even as the controversy surrounding genetically modified Bt brinjal refuses to die down, it has now come to light that farmers in and around Gurgaon are using alcohol to increase the yield of brinjal crop.

The vice-chancellor of Delhi University, Deepak Pental, today supported the Union government

Studies Predict Dramatic Changes In Monsoon Pattern

New Delhi: The preliminary results of the second set of extensive studies on the impact of climate change on India are out. Unchecked climate change could cause dramatic changes in the monsoon and lead to mixed affects on agricultural productivity in the country, the results suggest.

Gargi Parsai

NEW DELHI: On a day when the commercial release of Bt Brinjal was recommended by the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee, the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) denied that Pusa Basmati 1121 rice (exported to the Middle East) was genetically modified as was reported in a section of the Iranian Press.

Ludhiana: A group of wheat scientists working in the department of plant breeding and genetics has brought laurels to the varsity during the 48th All India Wheat and Barley Research Workers' Meeting, organised at Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi.

Days after the government said it was planning to introduce genetically modified food crops in the country in three years, US secretary of state Hillary Clinton gave a clear indication of the US administration

The visiting US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, indicated that Indian agriculture might get funds from the $20 billion pledged by the G8 countries to boost agriculture output during the recent summit in Italy.