Farm technologies are not reaching farmers on the ground, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh observed here on Monday and said “it represents the failure of the system.”

Despite the steady growth of India’s farm sector in the past five years, the country has not been able to utilise fully the many scientific achievements in the agriculture sector, Prime Minister Ma

Indian Agriculture Research Institute has developed four hybrid mango varieties which promise a yield three-four times higher than the existing varieties.

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Although women are admittedly bearing the brunt of climate change, India’s National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) has remained gender-blind and does not focus on gender issues.

The State Variety Approval Committee, at a meeting in Ludhiana today, approved HD 2967, a new wheat variety, to replace the existing PBW 343, which is being phased out because it has become increas

Eminent city scientists on Tuesday made a plea to the Prime Minister to lift the moratorium on commercial production of Bt Brinjal and called it absolutely safe for human consumption.

An agricultural research institute in India has developed hybrid varieties of pigeon pea (arhar), which promise to significantly raise output and cut import dependence for the produce.

Centre approves field trials of 14 GM crops. But some states refuse trials, saying safety regulations are too lax. With politicians joining activists, the issue is likely to take a politically volatile turn. This special report in DTE uncovers the mess in GM crops.

Ahead of the first meeting of an expert committee of scientists to determine the kind of tests to be conducted on genetically-modified brinjal, commonly known as Bt brinjal, a prominent member of the Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) has resigned from the panel.

The resignation of P Anand Kumar comes following an appeal by the co-chair of the panel at its last meeting to members to