Agriculture represents a core part of the Indian economy and provides food and livelihood activities to much of the Indian population. While the magnitude of impact varies greatly by region, climate change is expected to impact on agricultural productivity and shifting crop patterns. The policy implications are wide-reaching, as changes in agriculture could affect

Katrain, HP, Feb 11 A new hybrid cabbage seed, developed here at the regional station of Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), may be released next month for commercial cultivation, which will boost production by up to 40%. "We have developed the cabbage seed here at temperate climate, which can give a yield of 35 tonne per hectare if grown at an optimum temperature level of 15-20 degree celsius,' head of the regional station SR Sharma told PTI. The current yield of normal cabbage seed is 20-25 tonne per hectare.

tomato production may receive a major boost if the field trials for a transgenic variety developed by a team of scientists at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (iari) are successful. The

The Delhi high court has sought reports from the Indian Agriculture Research Institute and director of the horticulture department about the prices of saplings purchased for the Union government's

Much of what Indian agriculture is today is due to the work of state agriculture universities and deemed agriculture university like the Delhi-based Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI).