Shimla: Not only for the production of apple but Himachal Pradesh is slowly receiving recognition for its fish cultivation too.

In the last one week, Pong Reservoir level has gone up by 23 feet

Allaying fears that low levels in reservoirs could hit planting of summer crops such as oilseeds and cotton, Pawar said the reservoirs had adequate water to withstand any subdued phase in the monso

A large quantity of silt that makes its way into the 10,000-hectare Gobind Sagar, the country’s largest fishing pond, every year has spelt doom for fish breeding grounds over of the years.

Deputy Commissioner Ritesh Chauhan has passed an order asking all original Bhakra Dam oustees and their successors to file applications on a prescribed form, giving details of the government land encroached upon by them in Bilaspur by June 20.

This has been necessitated due to the High Court order of October 19, which has asked the state government to come to the court with a

After running four years behind schedule, the 800 MW Kol Dam hydropower project, being executed by the NTPC, will be completed by December 2012.

It will be commissioned in 2013 as it requires more than six months to fill the 167-m-high and 12.5-sq-km reservoir.

Jalandhar: There is good news for farmers of Punjab and also adjoining states. The level of water in the Gobind Sagar reservoir at the Bhakra Dam and the Pong Dam is much higher this year compared to the corresponding period last year.

This will not only ensure uninterrupted supply of water for irrigation, but also adequate power.

There is urgent need for publicly known norms of transparency and accountability in operation of reservoirs that are like time bombs that can explode multiple times. Bhakra exploded in 1988, Ukai in Gujarat did in Aug 2006, Hirakud did in Sep 2008, Srisailam, Tungabhadra, Upper Krishna and Damodar dams did in Sep 2009. The wrong operation of Bhakra, Pong and Tehri reservoirs in 2010 lead to avoidable floods in the downstream areas.

The most important practical and critical problem related to the performance of reservoirs is the estimation of storage capacity loss due to sedimentation process. The problem to be addressed is to estimate the rate of sediment deposition and the period of time at which the sediment would interfere with the useful functioning of a reservoir.

Anandpur Sahib: The hydropower generation at Anandpur Sahib hydel channel has come to a halt with Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB) stopping water supply to the channel.