Revisions of the Forest Conservation Act and its rules

THE GENERAL reaction to the Forest Conservation Act (FCA) in the UP hill region of Uttarakhand is, "Hum paryavaran shabd se hi tang aa gaye hai." (We are fed up of the word environment.) The cry

River Capacity Existing class Desired class Possible source of pollution Sabarmati i) Ahmedabad city to Sabarmati

A massive project holds out no guarantee that it can make river water potable

Despite an acute power shortage in the country, the ministries of power and environment find each other the main obstacles in achieveing their respective goals

THE MINISTRY of Environment and Forests recently produced a document formally entitled National Conservation Strategy and Policy Statement on Environment and Development. The document purports to

THANKS to poor rainfall in the area, the fear of Manibeli being inundated by monsoon-fed waters of the Narmada has receded temporarily. According to Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) activists,

Environment minister Kamal Nath has been caught in the firing line on the Chilika Aquatic Farms project. His order for an environmental impact assessment to be prepared is merely a move to delay taking a decision.

The Indian government invests Rs 34 lakh to educate each IIT graduate. It therefore has the moral authority to get him or her to work for the country, at least for a period of five years

Rats.... rats.... we've got to get rid of the rats. Irula tribals offer the most environmentally safe, low cost way to do it