Kalpasar Dept Takes Objection, Urges Industries Dept To Take Action

Gandhinagar: Gujarat government

This press release by Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti expresses concern that the effluent treatment facilities across golden corridor does not conform to GPCB norms and demands that effluent discharge at Tadgam Sarigam Pipeline, from FETP, Ankleshwar, ECP, Vadodara and CETPs of Ahmedabad be stopped. <br>

Effluents Being Dumped Are 15 Times More Polluted Than The Accepted Norms
Rajiv Shah | TNN

Gandhiangar: The latest Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) report, which says that industries in and around Vadodara are dumping huge quantities of toxic chemicals into river Mahi and Gulf of Khambhat, has sent shockwaves among top officials planning for a smaller Kalpasar.

Effluent Conveyance System called as Effluent Channel Project (ECP) is provided to carry treated effluent from industries (mostly chemical) located near Vadodara to the Gulf of Cambey, Arabian Sea. The industries along the stretch in the area from Padra Taluka (Vadodara District) and Jambusar Taluka (Bharuch District) also join the ECP for effluent discharge.

Rajiv Shah | TNN

Gandhinagar: The Gujarat government plans to complete bankable detailed project report (DPR) within a year for the revised Kalpasar project, which is smaller in size costing just about Rs 28,000 crore as against the original plan of Rs 60,000 crore.

GANDHINAGAR: The estuary of Narmada river, considered lifeline of Gujarat, is all set to become the lifeline for shipbuilding activities of India.

on january 11, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation approved a mega pipeline project to dump the city's industrial effluents in the Arabian Sea. Corporation authorities claim the multi-crore project