Deputy Commissioners of Kaputhala, Ferozepur and Tarn Taran districts have been told not to allot land to

Jalandhar: The Punjab government

In 2000, it took a military operation to halt the march of water hyacinth in Harike, one of the internationally protected wetlands in India, famous for a large number of birds, both local and migratory. The invasive hyacinth problem was squeezing the life out of its 41-square-metre area for some time.

Faridkot/Harike - TOXIN UNLEASHED: Sirhind and Rajasthan feeder canals become deathbed of aquatic life Mohan, who sells ice-cream near the banks of Sirhind and Rajasthan feeder canals in the periphery of Faridkot, has a choice to put up his mobile stall elsewhere. But, a few metres away along the banks, Mool Chand, the railway gateman at crossing number C-29 has no alternative but to live with the foul smell emanating from the canals and see perished aquatic life floating on the filthy waters.

there is considerable excitement in Harike wetland in Punjab over the sudden appearance of Indus river dolphins, an endangered species found only in Pakistan. "When I saw the hump and the snout, I

The Ramsar Convention of IUCN held in 1971 in Iran raised global

almost 30,000 migratory birds have arrived at the Harike wetland lake

A tiny "hazardous' insect, weevil, considered a major threat to horticulture and floriculture sectors, is being successfully used to clear the weeds from Harke reserve lake in Amritsar. Ram Kishan,

Rise in pollution levels, dying natural habitats and threat of poaching have led to a decrease in the number of migratory birds at the Harike wetland. Spread over 100 square kilometres, the wetland attracts lakhs of birds from Central Asia and trans-Russian region every year.