The present unrest in Delhi has little to do with industrial pollution or loss of livelihoods. The way in which the government has chosen to act was bound to provoke anger

The Supreme Court has admonished the Delhi government for its inability to close polluting industrial units operating in the residential areas of the city. The court has now asked the Union

A Supreme Court division bench has reverted one of its order passed in 1996, which stipulated that brick kilns causing air pollution due to the use of fly ash technology should be relocated and

If no action is taken soon, a major ecological disaster is waiting to strike Panipat

The Delhi government has been ordered by the city high court to shift all storehouses of highly inflammable chemicals from the Old Delhi area to Ghazipur. The government has to complete the task

After the fire in the Lal Kuan area

A fire forces the Delhi government to order re location of godowns storing chemicals

The Supreme Court (SC) ordered the closure and relocation of polluting industrial units in Delhi in 1996 (Down To Earth, Vol 7, No 16). That was part one of the order,which was implemented on time.

Birla Textile Mill in Himachal Pradesh is yet to pay dues to 2,300 workers. The unit was shifted from Delhi for causing pollution

Some factories in Delhi are flouting a Supreme Court order to relocate polluting factories. Meanwhile, over 50,000 workers have been rendered jobless. Most have not been compensated