Earthquakes don't kill; badly built houses do. A look into houses in India that have withstood several earthquakes

Houses that hold on

Assam type solution

The forest at Chakaria in Cox Bazar district has been denuded. According to a report in The Bangladesh Observer influential people have undertaken construction on these lands thus destroying the

a total ban on construction of farmhouses in green zones and immediate demolition of illegal structures in the Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani hill stations of Satara district in the state of

An innovative tile that could go a long way in reducing the cost of housing construction has been developed in the African country of Cote d Ivoire

This book provides a balanced international overview of the way forward, showing how choice of materials and construction processes, response to landscape and climate, and - not to be forgotten - the involvement of users, can together solve environmental problems and produce a diverse architecture to suit human and regional needs.

FOR years, technical book alternative materials and cost building tech have been regularly lished. Government semi-government org tions like Housing Urban Development ration have published

Traditional models of architecture, especially for mass housing purposes, may yet be resurrected

Union urban development minister Sheila Kaul has presented Laurie Baker, the innovative architect lauded for his low-cost construction techniques, with the United Nations Habitat Scroll of Honour for