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The extinction of species decreases plant productivity and impairs the functions of an ecosystem like mopping up carbon dioxide

Emerging trends in the van panchayat rules

THE people of the Uttar Pradesh hills have always strongly opposed attempts to snatch their traditional rights. Today, they are asserting themselves once again. At various seminars and meetings

A new technique could result in particle accelerators small enough to be accommodated in any university laboratory

Fresh evidence supports a long held belief that whales evolved from land mammals

IT SEEMS the war between antibiotics and bacteria is a never-ending one. Time and again these clever organisms have made the most potent drugs look like placebos. But researchers at the Washington

FACED with a surplus of milk, US dairy farmers have turned to researchers to put their excess milk to new uses. Two fruits of this unique research pact may soon hit the market -- edible packaging and

SCIENTISTS delving deep into molecular structure, have for the first time now a tool to study single molecules at room temperature (Nature, Vol 369, No 6475). Earlier, scientists using

Check dams have yielded rich dividends for Hivare

A technology for preserving food relies on creating a hostile environment for bacteria and fungi in whose presence food goes bad