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Pondicherry-based Chemfab Alkalis Ltd (cal) has been rated as the greenest caustic-chlorine company in India. With an overall score of 46.7 per cent, it has been given the Three Leaves Award. Set

With lax regulations and a huge mercury loss unaccounted for, a disaster is waiting to happen in India

If the industry wants to survive in an environmentally conscious world, the search for chlorine alternatives must go hand in hand with product stewardship

INDIAN AGRICULTURE UNDER SCAN This site scores quite a few firsts. The obvious one - it discusses Indian agriculture, or to be precise the politics and economics of Indian agriculture. Then, it

spurred by the success of the Taj eco-city project

One rarely hears of vehicle design competitions. And an ethanol vehicle design contest is definitely unheard of. But the Society of Automotive Engineers International, southern India section, and the

till recently, restoring the pristine beauty of the famous Dal, Nagin and Aanchar lakes seemed an impossible task. But a recent court directive on the cleaning of these water bodies has

UNDP s Human Development Report 2002 offers a link between politics and development

Firecracker industry launches drive against noise pollution laws

it was an exercise in futility. The recent two-day workshop of state forest ministers and officials on people's participation in forest management failed to serve its purpose. While the meeting