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Spreading awareness of the medicinal value of makhana may help in cultivating a market for this uncommon fruit

Taking off from its climatic range Himalayan to tropical India has much to offer in terms of fruit diversity. Large varieties of major fruits are native to the land, but countless other types are also grown throughout India. The bad news is many, many

From major fruits like the mango, banana and citrus to minor ones like karonda and sapthei, the story is the same: genetic erosion is leading India's native fruits to the brink of extinction

Attempts at conserving fruit germplasm as well as creating a market for lesser-known varieties have been far from satisfactory. Also, a whole lot of fruits are yet to be sampled

Conservation of fruits may be difficult, but that is no excuse. Preservation of national assets should be given top priority

A four-stroke scooter is all set to hit the market. But in the absence of data, it is too early to tell if it is any different

Twelve of the deadliest toxins known to humans were recently the focus of a debate between 92 nations seeking ways and means to curb their use

Natural farming is the only hope in sight, says a farmer from Hoshangabad

a recent study has shown alarming

the Union government has shut down 125 highly polluting industries across the country while forcing 1,261 such units to install the pollution control facilities, according to a report. The ministry of environment and forests has identified about 1,551 large and medium industries in the 17 categories of highly polluting industries. Nearly 165 of them are still in process of installing the requisite facilities to control pollution, said the ministry's annual report.