The dark bordered beauty moth is heading towards extinction at its last site in England, new research has found.

A Sydney scientist has discovered seven new species of the tiny Australian peacock spider - a spectacularly colored, three-millimetre arachnid that dances to attract a female mate.

A scientist with a passion for peacock spiders – only a couple of millimetres long, extraordinarily colourful and “like dogs or cats” in their behaviour – has discovered seven new species.

Two new species have been added to the global list of invertebrates after being discovered in Abu Dhabi's Al Wathba Wetland Reserve during regular seasonal trapping carried out of researchers of th

Dams impound the majority of rivers and provide important societal benefits, especially daily water releases that enable on-peak hydroelectricity generation. Such “hydropeaking” is common worldwide, but its downstream impacts remain unclear. We evaluated the response of aquatic insects, a cornerstone of river food webs, to hydropeaking using a life history–hydrodynamic model.

The biggest survey to date of nature along Britain’s coastline has uncovered a host of “wildlife firsts”.

Australia's most newly-discovered spider surfs, swims and can catch prey up to three times its own size.

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have discovered eight new whip spider species in the Brazilian Amazon, which nearly doubles the number known to inhabit the region.

Though captivating with their bright, vivid metallic bodies, cuckoo wasps are fairly difficult to classify due to similarities among species, and they are known for curious habits that are the basi

The government should launch a field trial of genetically modified insects, according to a House of Lords report.