Jaipur: Close on the heels of 12 deaths of children with special needs, 60 children fell ill suffering from the same kind of symptoms of vomiting and diarrhoea in Kanota area of Jaipur on Wednesday

The visits as well as the clean-up have come after the death of 12 inmates at the home, eight of them female, allegedly from a bacterial infection.

The formal launch of the honey bee census by schoolchildren in the city will occur on Tuesday at the Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls' School.

Jaipur: Residents staying in multi-storey buildings may now have to shell out more money for water connection as the public health and engineering department (PHED) has proposed to levy infrastruct

Jaipur: The water table of Jaipur city which is receding at an alarming rate is expected to revive after the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) completes the rejuvenation work of Dravyavati river .

JAIPUR: The phenomenal growth of vehicles in Pink city in the last few years has forced the civic bodies to take concrete measures to tackle the ever increasing traffic chaos.

Jaipur: The city has reported highest cases of swine flu in the current year. So far 107 persons have already been tested for H1N1 in the city, while 13 persons died of the disease in 2016 .

Discharge of untreated textile effluents containing heavy metals is a serious environmental issue. Biosorption is a promising method for the removal of heavy metals. The present study analyses the biosorption of Cr(VI) from synthetic textile effluent onto tamarind bark biomass as a function of initial metal ion concentration, contact time, pH, sorbent dosage, shaking speed and temperature.

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The Modi government’s vision of creating 100 smart cities will require an investment of over USD 150 billion over the next few years with private sector being a significant contributor, says a repo

JAIPUR: Taking into consideration rising childhood obesity, diabetes and hypertension, an expert committee set up by Ministry of Women and Child Development (MWCD) has recommended ban on sale of ju