LUCKNOW: UP government would enter into an agreement with the Tehri hydro-electric power corporation (THDC) for establishment of a 30 MW hydro-electric power plant in Jhakua near Jhansi district.

LUCKNOW: Lucknow is among the 11 other districts of Uttar Pradesh that have been declared drought-hit by the State Government taking into account the rainfall quotient and the ratio of kharif sowing. The ten other districts are Chitrakoot, Etawah, Bulandshahr, Kaushambi, Pilibhit, Muzaffarnagar, Kushinagar, Jhansi, Bijnor and Mirzapur.

The UPA Government

When it came to encourage the use of solar energy in Rampura, the man of the hour was Ghanshyam Yadav. A pilot project was planned by Scatec Solar in collaboration with Development Alternatives to develop solar energy in Rampura village, Jhansi. Rampura was yet to be blessed with electricity.

LUCKNOW: As dry hot westerly winds coming from deserts of Rajasthan continued to lash north India, the state was gripped by a severe heat wave.

Almost all the districts of UP recorded hottest day of this summer on Monday.

For most of the year, the residents of Bundelkhand experience acute scarcity of water for agricultural and domestic use. Water sources are varied and often seasonal, ranging from ponds, tanks, lakes and streams to open wells, bore wells and irrigation canals radiating out from large-scale dams. Most agriculture is of the single-crop variety and rain fed, with supplementary water from open wells.

LUCKNOW: What Arjun did to provide water to a thirsty Bhishma in Mahabharata, is being recapitulated by a group of scientists in Bundelkhand these days to quench the thirst of parched denizens. In their unique initiative, scientists have blown up sub-surface hard rocks with the help of dynamites, to create artificial water reservoirs around 140 feet below the earth in Jhansi district.

In the wake of severe drought in the districts of Bundelkhand region, Development Alternatives and Arghyam Trust's initiative 'Water for All and Always' addresses the current need of an Integrated Water Resources Management in ten villages of Jhansi and Tikamgarh districts of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh states.

The present work studies gender participation in crop production and animal husbandry in the villages of Bundelkhand region in central India. 260 farmers were surveyed through open-ended questions but for detailed study 120 farmers (including 90 women) were involved from the two villages in Jhansi (U.P.) and members of 11 SHGs working on livelihood issues at community land in Chardwari area of Orchha, Tikamgarh (M.P.).

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