Conflicts over natural resource access goes back a long way in history ever since national parks became the best insitu method of protecting endangered biodiversity and received legal sanction all over the globe.

the spectre of extinction is haunting wild buffaloes and experts say the threat is much greater than faced by tigers in the country. The magnificent beast, venerated in folklore as the van

The sal heartwood borer

The white-bearded, wiry Baiga tribal of Chada village in Mandla is a sad man. " Dukh to hota hai, per kuch kar bhi nahi sakte " (It hurts, but we cannot do anything about it), he says helplessly.

Trilbals dependent on the jungle's gifts fight it out in Bilaspur district

Madhya Pradesh chief minister Digvijay Singh's instruction earlier this year to ban 'tiger-shows' at the Kanha and the Bandhavgarh national parks has been the source of considerable simmering dissent

Is the ban on "tiger shows" at Kanha and Bandhavgarh really in interest of the big

Tourism and conservation need not necessarily be in conflict with each other; handled with care, they can also benefit from each other.

Kanha national park falls in the Balaghat and Mandla districts of Madhya Pradesh. Located in the Maikal ranges of the Satpuras, the park is internationally renowned forits rich floral and faunal attributes.

Bhopal, Feb 17: Thanks to the importance given to forests and wildlife, a congenial atmosphere has been generated in the state for forest conservation. Several historic decisions have been taken during the last four years in this regard. Special attention has been given to control over crime, safety and security of wildlife. Forest crime management has been modernised and all the forest ranges have been connected with computers and Internet.