TETU LAKDA (Nothatodytes Foetida) a tree found in the rain forests of south India and Sri Lanka is facing a threat from international traders because of its medicinal properties. The extract of

Halophytes plants growing on saline soil could be India's Answer to the problems of salt desert and wasteland reclamation, besides Being an economic boon

A Chinese medicinal plant known as long ago as 168 BC has been found successful in checking malaria, which is becoming increasingly resistant to most drugs

How animals treat themselves with various plants provide medicinal leads to scientists.

Nigerian pastoralists have been found to be a storehouse of valuable information on the value of plants.

GOAT RAISERS in the Philippines have discovered that ipil-ipil (Leucaena leucocephala), which has been planted in several parts of the world including India, and is a panacea for