USA is all set to promote ethanol

The Indian oil sector quibbles on standards for cleaner fuels . Does nothing

Mexico takes ethanol route to get rid of MTBE

Ethanol is a clean and cheap fuel blend. But the Indian government is impeding the use of ethanol when it is callously promoting cancer causing MTBE

With ether-based oxygenates falling out of favour, ethanol is emerging as one of the most favoured options worldwide. According to H B Mathur, professor emeritus at the Delhi College of Engineering,

A US-based company, Longhorn Partners Pipeline, have agreed not to ship petrol containing the additive Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE)

by an 11-6 vote, a us Senate panel has approved a bill banning the addition in petrol of the fuel additive called mtbe (for methyl tertiary butyl ether), which is carcinogenic and

The way to clean up the air is to pollute groundwater, according to the Indian government

Any policy on blending ethanol with petrol has to keep in mind the costs involved in ethanol production - excessive use of scarce water to grow sugarcane and the effluents discharged in the process.

Rakesh BhartiaRakesh Bhartia
CEO, India Glycols

Apart from reducing feedstock for the chemicals industry, there are environment costs of the bio-fuel policy that are quite significant

The us government has silently shelved a proposal to ban fuel additive methyl tertiary butyl ether (mtbe) that has been contaminating drinking water in many communities. Critics say the decision is