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Coming down heavily on the East Delhi Municipal Corporation’s report in an unauthorised construction case and saying that deliberate attempts are made to pass of new constructions as old, Delhi Lok

नई दिल्ली।। तमाम कोशिशों के बावजूद यमुना में गंदगी कम नहीं हो रही। न उसमें गिरने वाली सीवर लाइनें रहम कर रही हैं और न आस्था के अंधे उसे खुली हवा में सांस लेने दे रहे हैं। लेकिन अब ऐसा करना आपकी जेब

The National Green Tribunal invokes Polluter Pays principle; any person found dumping debris on the river bank to cough up Rs. 5 lakh.

With the changing face of Delhi, delivery of essential services like drinking water and sanitation to the people living in slums ought to be a policy priority for the government. However, public spending in the Eleventh Plan (2007-12) for slums seems to have been unresponsive and inadequate, leading to poor utility services governance.

Judgement of the Delhi High Court on the decision of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) awarding contracts
for providing cooked mid-day meals to students of Primary schools in Delhi dated 08/06/2007.