With the asbestos cancer pandemic estimated to be causing 30 deaths per day in India, residents of Bishnupur-Chainpur in Muzaffarpur in Bihar are up in arms, protesting the setting up of a factory in their village.

The protests are being led by octogenarian trade union leader Sachidananda Sinha (based in Muzaffarpur) who has, along with environmental experts from around the globe, petitioned bo

Watch this video that shows the villager's opposing the Asbestos unit in Chainpur village of Muzaffarpur district. The residents are worried that asbestos used in plant may cause respiratory illnesses and cancer.


This is a letter to MOEF mentioning serious flaws in the proceding of the public hearing of proposed asbestos fibre cement roofing sheet factory of M/s Balmukund Cement & Roofing Ltd in Muzaffarpur on June 28, 2010.

This is a letter written by local villagers to MoEF regarding the public hearing of proposed Asbestos Fibre Cement Roofing Sheet factory of M/s Balmukund Cement & Roofing Ltd. Proceeding was very biased and did not provide proper opportunity to the local representatives who had adverse opinion about the project.

Patiasa village in Muzaffarpur district is a hive of activity where Anita Kumari keeps as busy as a bee as she spearheads a revolution of sorts. Tending honeybees in as many as 250 boxes with the women of the village by her side

This is a EIA report for proposed 300000 TPA fibre cement roofing sheets project of M/s Balmukund Cement & Roofing ltd. The report is submitted to Ministry of Environment & Forests (MOEF) for obtaining environmental clearance for the proposed project.

There is no let up in the overall flood situation in Bihar with major rivers in spate even as 1.5 million people continue to be affected by the deluge in 11 north Bihar districts, official sources said.

A frightening spread of encephalitis and cerebral malaria in Bihar's northern and southern districts has killed at least 69 children since July first week, underlining what health experts and Opposition leaders have termed as insufficient medical facilities, poverty and lack of hygiene in the state's rural belts.

Muzaffarpur/Sitamarhi: The flood waters from Saturday

This article examines and discusses the knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) related to sanitation in Unsar Pranti in Muzaffarpur district, in Bihar. The findings are based on fieldwork done during October-November 2008. An NGO called ADTHI PLAN has been working on a sanitation project in the village for the past ten years.