The much-awaited Paris Agreement on climate change was adopted by all members of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) on Saturday.

Come winter, and the air quality in northern India begins to deteriorate.The smoke resulting from burning crop residues combined with vehicular emissions make the air we breathe deadly.

Government has made half-baked efforts to promote solar pumps, a cost-effective irrigation tool

Repeated court orders fail to save part of the primitive mountain range in Alwar from mining

A comprehensive package by Down to Earth on the recent Japan nuclear crisis and its implications for India consists of blogs, timeline, maps and other useful resources. It also provides a selection of DTE articles from  19 years of its reportage on nuclear energy, quakes & tsunami alongwith important reports, studies, legislations, etc.  


Watch this video that shows the villager's opposing the Asbestos unit in Chainpur village of Muzaffarpur district. The residents are worried that asbestos used in plant may cause respiratory illnesses and cancer.

Rich countries led by the US were determined to bury the Kyoto Protocol and sought framing a new declaration. The US said it would not ratify Kyoto Protocol; the European Union suggested parts of Kyoto Protocol could be accommodated in a new legal instrument. Japan, the other major party to Kyoto Protocol, too expressed reservations about continuing under the Kyoto regime.

With each UNFCCC meeting, one is apprised of the galloping pace at which climate change is affecting the planet. Extremes of weather and natural disasters have become commonplace, with devastating floods in Africa and Asia, extreme cold or heat waves in Europe and the spectre of hurricanes in the Americas.