A&N Islands having been pursuing a paradigm shift in disaster management from a relief centric approach in the past to the current holistic one, encompassing all facets of disaster management.

The Union Environment Ministry has taken the side of conservationists fighting for survival of 300-odd Narcondam hornbills, threatened by a Coast Guard plan to set up a radar surveillance system on the tiny island in the Andamans where the birds make their home.

On August 31, the Ministry of Environment and Forests issued an order rejecting the proposal, suggesting that the Coast Guard explore other options, “like installation of off-shore structures and several other viable options…which can spare the unique habitat of Narcondam Island from disturbance,

A ruling by Supreme Court, which would have drastically curtailed the notorious ‘human safaris’ in the Andaman Islands is being ignored by the islands’ authorities.

Earlier this month, Supreme Court imposed a 5-kilometer buffer zone around the Jarawa Reserve, to help reduce the exploitation of the tribe by tourists. The ruling puts an end to tourist resorts near the Reserve, and closes other commercial attractions such as the Islands’ mud volcano and limestone caves. However, at the time of going to press, more than two weeks on, the volcano and caves remain open.

Supreme court order dated 02/07/2012 on tourism related activities within the reserved area and the buffer zone of the Jarawas.

Read text of the Supreme Court judgement that bans all commercial and tourism activity around Jarawa reserve in the Andaman and Nicobar islands. It bars hotels and resorts from operating within a five-kilometer (buffer zone around the Jarawa reserve, which is home to Jarawa tribals.

This policy for power generation through new & renewable energy sources has been framed by the Electricity Department, A&N Islands. It provides greater thrust on promoting and developing renewable energy technologies and applications.

In an effort towards the planned and sustainable development of Port Blair town and the surrounding villages which are environmentally sensitive and ecologically fragile, the Hon’ble Lt. Governor has approved the Master Plan for Port Blair Planning Area and the approval is notified in A &N gazette.

Report of the Committee constituted by the Ministry of Environment and Forests to holistically address the issue of poaching in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

For the very first time an Island Protection Zone Notification, 2011 is being notified and published covering Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep. This notification reconcile three objectives: protection of livelihoods of traditional fisherfolk communities; preservation of coastal ecology; and promotion of economic activity that have necessarily to be located in coastal regions.

India has a vast extent of coast line of about 8000 km spanning 13 maritime mainland states
and Union Territories, which are home to a diversity of coastal and marine ecosystems,
comprising nationally and globally significant biodiversity (Venkataraman and Wafar, 2005).
It also supports almost 30% of its human population being dependent on the rich exploitable