India has achieved record surplus food production, yet there is no nutrition security for its one billion people -- Projections show India is moving towards negative growth in coarse grain

The maximum residue limits for the pesticide endosulfan in soilwater and vegetables from Padre have been breached several times over. But human blood! We couldn’t find any maximum residue limit for that. The tests conducted at the CSE laboratory show that

Corals are to the oceans what tropical rainforests are to land. Known as Neptune s goblets, they are a vital link in the marine ecosystem and, in fact, store more biodiversity than the rainforests. But human activity is gobbling them up. And global warmi

Global warming is responsible for coral bleaching, say experts. And if climate change goes unchecked death of corals could mean the death knell for many marine species

Will corals that have survived Nature s occasional acts of destruction through the centuries survive 50 years of human pressure?

Tribal communities of Andaman and Nicobar Islands face extinction

THE inky blue waves of the Bay of Bengal wash the shores of one of the most beautiful archipelagos anywhere. But the Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar (A&N) Islands is much more than just a

The discovery of a dormant volcano in an undersea ridge flanking the Barren Islands in the Andamans has galvanised the forest and wildlife officials into preparing plans to study the impact on the

The main objective of this policy by A & N government is to reduce dependence on conventional sources of power generation especially HSD oil,protect the environment,generate employment and encourage entrepreneurial investment in NRSE.

Five years ago on May 7, 2002