? A massive earthquake of magnitude 9.0 hit Indonesia off the west coast of Sumatra on the morning of December 26,2004, at 6:58 a.m. Another earthquake of magnitude 7.3 occurred 81km west of Pulo Kunji (Great Nicobar, India) at 9:51 a.m. on the same day. The earthquakes set off giant tsunamis three to 10 metres high, which travelled 2,000km across the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal.

NAGAPATTINAM: Kameshwaram panchayat in Nagapattinam has exemplified that ecological and sanitation concerns are no more elitist preoccupations. It has shown the way forward with about 80 families of fishing community, owning ECOSAN toilets.

The maiden collection of the compost commenced at a couple of residences recently, testifying to the ecological sustainability of the endeavour.

P.V. Srividya

PREVENTION IS BETTER: Suresh Mariaselvam, disaster risk management consultant, speaking at a seminar in Nagapattinam Collectorate on Friday

257 tsunami houses in Sinnangudi in advanced stage of construction

INSPECTION: Nagapattinam Collector C. Munianathan, right, inspecting tsunami houses constructed by Rajiv Gandhi Rehabilitation project at Chinnakudi village.

THANJAVUR: A seminar on profitable fish farming was jointly organised by Americal Soyabean Association Marketing (ASA-IM), Sustainable Research Foundation, Maanal Fish Farm and Everest Aqua Tech at Orathanadu, 20 km from here on Monday.

About 120 fish farmers from Thanjavur, Tiruvarur and Nagapattinam districts participated in the seminar, said a press release issued here on Tuesday.

Health oriented: M. Jayaraman, Collector, right, holding the WHO

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Safai Karamchari Aandolan study in 8 districts shows practice continues; to knock court doors on Tuesday
DESPITE the Madras High Court order on November 20, 2008 which called for the prohibition of entry of sanitary workers into the sewerage system, manual cleaners are being made to enter the septic tanks in different town municipalities in TN districts.

NAGAPATTINAM: A large number of men and women from several villages blocked road on Thulajapuram road near Vedaranyam on Wednesday demanding the district administration to take immediate steps to provide protected drinking water supply.

The protestors complained that many villages were not getting water for several months through the Anaikarai comprehensive water supply scheme.

Four years after the tsunami, the people of Poompuhar lead a well-settled life. You can see resettled villages of fishing and farming communities with neat rows of houses. There are well laid out roads flanked by neon street lights. The transformation of 10 villages in this panchayat is the handiwork of former panchayat president, Manimekhalai, and the district administration.

When the tsunami struck the coast of Tamil Nadu four years ago, the village of Poompuhar in Sirkali taluk of Nagapattinam district as one of the worst affected. When the waves withdrew, more than death stalked the coastline. With livelihoods and homes gone, Nagapattinam was a land of the living dead.