Hyderabad: There is some good news in the forests.

HYDERABAD: The Wildlife Institute of India (WII) and the National Tiger Conservation Authority have joined hands with the State Forest Department to undertake the first ever intensive census of tig

HYDERABAD: Mouse deer, the smallest ungulate in the country that is on the list of most endangered animals, is being bred in captivity at Nehru Zoological Park with a view to increase its populatio

Study finds that connectivity between protected areas is affected by urban expansion.

Today, most wild tigers live in small, isolated Protected Areas within human dominated landscapes in the Indian subcontinent.

The tigers are roaring in different parts of the state, their numbers being significantly up, according to preliminary reports from the ongoing census of the big cats.

The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) will start conducting its annual estimation of tigers in Kawal and Nagarjunasagar-Srisailam tiger reserve (NSTR) along with other tiger reserves in

The country’s biggest tiger reserve, Nagarjuna Sagar Srisailam, can now flaunt some extra stripes.

Hyderabad, Aug. 9: The state police have written to the AP Forest department to remove around 20 speed breakers from the Mannanur-Dornala Road in the Nagarjunasagar Srisailam Tiger Reserve. The speed breakers had been built to decrease incidents of animals being run over by speeding vehicles on the road leading to the Srisailam temple.