An earthquake of 4.6 magnitude in western Canada was caused by fracking, according to the region's energy regulator.

Reliance Industries got Rs 8,500 cr of gas from ONGC’s KG block, says D&M.

The “Indian Petroleum & Natural Gas Statistics” presents comprehensive statistics on various aspects of Indian Petroleum & Natural Gas Industries. The data on international developments in respect of the important segment of Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries have also been presented in the publication. The Statistics presented in the current publication cover the exploration, production, refining, marketing activities etc. of Oil sector.

Fracking by the U.S.

New work is first in the world to set a national baseline and will detect any rise in earthquakes following an expansion of shale gas exploration in the future


Natural gas mining could cause issues for human health. It turns out that endocrine disruptors from these activities could potentially harm human development and reproduction.

Hydraulic fracturing technologies, developed over the last 65 years, have only recently been combined with horizontal drilling to unlock oil and gas reserves previously deemed inaccessible. While these technologies have dramatically increased domestic oil and natural gas production, they have also raised concerns for the potential contamination of local water supplies with the approximately 1,000 chemicals used throughout the process, including many known or suspected endocrine-disrupting chemicals.

The Australian government has obtained information from US environmental regulators on the impact of fracking upon water supplies to help inform a new set of guidelines it is preparing on the contr

Britain should steer clear of using deep injection wells in shale oil and gas "fracking" and take extra steps to reduce the technique's environmental and health effects, an industry-funded task for

The fracking industry must be compelled to provide far more detailed information to regulators if the public is to be accurately informed of any risks to the environment, advocacy groups say.