White House says to defend fracking rules in the courts

While extracting natural gas, minimising the environmental consequences above-ground is now possible at a reasonable expense by a newly found algorithm, scientists have said.

Indian corporates that are not in the energy sector are queuing up to compete with foreign firms to acquire discovered oil and gas fields being auctioned, marking a promising start to the country's

CHENNAI: The Southern Bench of National Green Tribunal (NGT) on Tuesday directed the State government to submit a report on its stand on the shale gas exploration allegedly done by the Oil and Natu

The practice of horizontal high-volume hydraulic fracturing (fracking) has become widespread in many areas of the United States, yet the regulatory landscape for local governments is highly variable and legally uncertain. We do not have a clear idea of what fracking-related policies local governments are adopting, nor how factors such as local government capacity influence policy adoption. We survey 140 local government officials in shale gas drilling areas in four states: Colorado, Louisiana, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania.

Many natural and mixed World Heritage Sites, including the Western Ghats, are threatened by harmful industrial activities such as mining, says a report.

New research from The University of Texas at Arlington demonstrates that groundwater quality changes alongside the expansion of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing but also suggests that s

The Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd is planning to undertake drilling of nine development wells in KG-OSN-2004/1 and GS-49-2 fields beside creation of other infrastructure in KG Basin with an i

State-owned ONGC has got environmental clearance for drilling 45 development wells and other related infrastructure involving a cost of over Rs 53,000 crore in the Krishna-Godavari basin in Andhra

This is according to a new study that claims fracking is increasing the intensity of tremors.