Environment Clearances for Category ‘B’ projects have been put online with launch of new web portal and nineteen states have joined it instantly.

Almost a year after going online for assessing environmental clearance (EC) applications of bigger projects (Category 'A') which come to Union environment ministry for green nod, the Center on Thur

The economic value of unconventional natural gas resources has stimulated rapid globalization of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. However, natural radioactivity found in the large volumes of “produced fluids” generated by these technologies is emerging as an international environmental health concern. Current assessments of the radioactivity concentration in liquid wastes focus on a single element—radium. However, the use of radium alone to predict radioactivity concentrations can greatly underestimate total levels.

Natural gas has been touted as an environmentally friendly substitute to coal and oil production, but a new report estimates enough gas is leaking to negate most of the climate benefits of process.

Heavily redacted report on the impact of fracking in the UK should be released in full, information commissioner tells environment department

An earthquake has struck northern Alberta where past tremors have been blamed on hydraulic fracturing from the oil and gas industry.

The first vessel in Royal Dutch Shell's Arctic drilling fleet has embarked from Washington state to Alaska ahead of its planned resumption of oil and gas exploration in the remote region this summe

Fracking for shale oil and gas has not led to widespread pollution of drinking water, a U.S.

Lawsuit victory triggers de facto moratorium on fracking in the state as a bill that would freeze renewable energy shift at current rate heads towards senate vote

Reliance Industries is set to spend $60 million, drill for 65 days in D1, D3 fields.