Growing use of pesticides in agriculture has increased human consumption of chemicals. According to studies, around three new synthetic chemicals are introduced each day in the agricultural sector.

Agriculturists in India are gradually moving away from chemical pesticides and fertilisers;

Organic farming has found favour with agriculture officials and scientists.

Two films, shown recently in the Capital, focus on alternative farming strategies as a counterbalance to the ecologically destructive Green Revolution

THE PRINCE of Wales wants it known far and wide that he was "not entirely dotty" when he switched to organic farming on his vast estates both around his country home 160 km west of London and in

A Filipino research institute has blended agro forestry and bio intensive forming technicques to help small farmers produce more, without further burdening their packet.

Harmless pesticides can be prepared for home gardens from -recipes compiled by the International Institute ofRural Reconstruction in the Philippines: Tobacco: Place tobacco leaves, stems and