ANGER should, ideally, lead to introspection. But all the anger generated by struggles women have waged in India over the last 15 years has not yielded a mature body of thought. So when someone like

Natural disasters are trying times for people and a test of government ability and determination to handle crises. In the Philippines, the explosions of the Pinatubo and Mayon volcanoes exposed how ill-conceived efforts can cause more harm than good.

At a recent conference, women farm workers got a chance to discuss their problems with agricultural experts.

Darshan S Brar, who has been working for years on rice hybrids at the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines, talks about gene transfer techniques that develop resistance to insects in plants.

Converted World War II vintage jeeps, called jeepneys in the Philippines, are the most popular mode of public transport in Manila. They are cheaper than private buses and more efficient than the city's rail shuttle.

IT WAS on the day following Independence Day this year that Chuni Kotal, the first woman graduate from the Lodha Sabar community of West Bengal, who was working for a master's degree in

Amulya Ratna Nanda, registrar general and census commissioner of India, feels the country has made some progress in bringing down its growth rate

A Filipino research institute has blended agro forestry and bio intensive forming technicques to help small farmers produce more, without further burdening their packet.

Today's neo Malthusians have acquired a fashionable new fig leaf: environmentalism. And Robert McNamara's recent talk in Delhi was an eloquent expression of this trend