PASIGHAT: The Pasighat district health department is going all out to control mosquito-transmitted diseases like malaria, dengue and recently detected Japanese Encephalitis (JE) in the district.

The Coordination of Democratic Rights Organisation, comprising 20 civil and democratic rights organisations from across India, decided to undertake a fact finding of the impact of big/mega dam projects coming up in the north-eastern states on the life and livelihood of the people. It has been reported that more than 168 memoranda of understanding/memoranda of agreement (MOA) have been signed by the Government of Arunachal Pradesh alone. (Letters)

BJP President Nitin Gadkari today appointed a study group, with party general secretary Tapir Gao as the convenor, to look into issues concerning alleged drying up of Brahmaputra river at Pasighat

GUWAHATI, March 4 – Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) Rajnath Singh has drawn the attention of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh towards media reports indicating drying up of certain parts of Brahmaputr

Keeping close watch on developments, says govt. The government today sought to dispel apprehensions that China was drying up the Brahmaputra’s mighty tributary Siang.

Beijing, 2 March: Claiming that its hydropower project on Brahmaputra river in Tibet was not obstructing the water flow to India, China today said its dam was “not big” enough to affect the lower r

PASIGHAT, May 13: Parliamentary Secretary for Land Management Padi Richo, accompanied by a team of officers headed by Land Reforms Director, Government of India, Dr A K Singh and state Land Management Director E Nangkar visited Mirbuk village on Tuesday and had face-to-face interaction with the villagers and took their opinion regarding existing reforms and land possession system particularly in t