THE recently concluded International Conference on Civil Engineering for Sustainable Development, at the University of Roorkee in Uttar Pradesh, furs recommended developing the nation's economy in an

The government's employment generation schemes, laudable though they may be, have yet to achieve their goals. Not involving intended beneficiaries is cited as a major reason for their failure.

P C Mahalanobis can rightly be called the father of Indian statistics. Today, in the year of his birth centenary, he is remembered not only as the man who gave the use of figures a, now approach in national planning, but also as the mastermind beh

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The Eleventh Plan (2007-08 to 2011-12) sought to build on the gains achieved in the Tenth Plan and shift the economy to a path offaster and more inclusive growth.

Since Independence, there has been substantial growth in the power sector. Generating capacity in India which was only about 1400 MW at the time of Independence has increased to about 1,59,399 MW as on 31.03.2010

A review of the role of planning should look at the possibility of expanding its role to municipalities, districts and panchayats rather than limiting it. Feb 23-29, 2008

a planning Commission expert group on groundwater recently released its report. Titled Groundwater management and ownership, the report suggests community-based groundwater management at the farm