The administrative restructuring which has decentralised planning

Recently, India crossed the one billion population mark. The question on everyone s lips is what does the future hold for babies born this century in terms of natural resources and the environment? Given below are the views of people from different walks

the administrators of Hong Kong have set 2005 as the deadline within which time they will try and clean the city's heavily polluted air. The region's air pollution index hit an all-time high and its

the Union ministry of environment and forests is preparing an elaborate national environmental management system to cope with challenges of the new mille

In order to explore avenues for minor forest produce, the Food and Agricultural Organi

Participants at a recent workshop in Hyderabad expressed concern over the growing rate of air pollution in South Asia

The Chinese government has kicked off its deve

Call them the lakers . Some 10,000 of them. Parts of the Dal land and water belong to them. And when they feel the need to make a floating garden or land on the lake, they simply do it. Especially since the militancy problem in the Valley began, there

Morning in Dal: commotion behind the scenes