What led to the constitution of a Working Group on Environment (WGE)?
The planning board wanted to move with the times. The Kerala government had a science and technology and environment department since 1987. But the V S Achutanandan government has made environment an independent department. Since the government wanted a roadmap for the functioning of the department, the WGE had to be set up.

the Union budget for 2007-08 is big on illusions, small on vision. Despite the hype about its tilt towards the agriculture sector, the budget has failed to put together a package to bail out the

goa town planning minister resigns: Embroiled in a controversy over the Goa State Regional Plan 2011, the state's town and country planning minister, Atanasio Monserrate, resigned from the cabinet on January 3, 2006. In less than a week, the Goa chief minister, Pratapsinh Rane, sworn in BJP legisator Manohar Azgaokar in his place. Rane described the resignation as a decision "taken in haste'. But Monserrate blamed his party colleagues for his resignation, as they did not back him in the controversy surrounding the regional plan.

An interim report on the uk's land-use planning was released on July 4, 2006, fuelling a debate on the possibility of relaxing regulations in the planning system to encourage rapid market growth.

CII to develop rural business hubs; villages clueless

golden danger: The fragile eco-system of Lake Bosumtwi, Ghana's largest natural lake, is in danger. Ghana's mineral commission has reportedly permitted a Canadian exploration and development

Will the real land sharks please stand up?

The Brazilian government has decided against installing a new nuclear reactor at its Angra dos Reis nuclear complex. Instal

The Haryana State Pollution Control Board (HSPCB) has drawn up a comprehensive environmental management plan for Panipat. The board, however, has compromised on its standards in the very beginning.

to evolve a proper and precise methodology for conserving the ecology, a national biodiversity strategy and action plan (nbsap) was inaugurated in New Delhi recently. It will cover areas